August / September

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1st Place Overall "The Awakening Dawn" by Brent Cotton Oil, 32 x 40

1st Place Overall
The Awakening Dawn
by Brent Cotton
Oil, 32 x 40

2nd Place Overall "Summer Light, Pt Lobos" by brian blood Oil, 24x36

2nd Place Overall
Summer Light, Pt Lobos
by Brian Blood
Oil, 24×36

3rd Place overall "Rose Cascade" by Camille Przewodek Oil, 9x12

3rd Place Overall
Rose Cascade
by Camille Przewodek
Oil, 9×12

Best Overall Oil "Monterey Wharf" by Bob Upton Oil, 11x14

Best Overall Oil
Monterey Wharf
by Bob Upton
Oil, 11×14

Best Overall Pastel "Admiring the Roses" by Ardith Staroska Pastel, 24x18

Best Overall Pastel
Admiring the Roses
by Ardith Staroska
Pastel, 24×18

Best Overall Watercolor "High Sierra Sparkle" by Marilyn Wear Watercolor, 12" x 20"

Best Overall Watercolor
High Sierra Sparkle
by Marilyn Wear
Watercolor, 12″ x 20″

Best Overall Acrylic "Sonoma Coast" by Scott Anthony Acrylic, 18x24

Best Overall Acrylic
Sonoma Coast
by Scott Anthony
Acrylic, 18×24

Best Artist under 30 "Imnaha Dawn" by Melanie Thompson Oil, 36x48

Best Artist Under 30
Imnaha Dawn
by Melanie Thompson
Oil, 36×48


Best Plein Air Only
Carrie Furnace 2
by Richard Sneary
Watercolor, 10×14

Best Building, Plein Air or Studio "pierce" by sung kim Oil, 36x36

Best Building, Plein Air or Studio
by Sung Kim
Oil, 36×36

Best Figure in a Landscape "Among the Hydrangeas" by Anna Bain Oil, 36x24

Best Figure in a Landscape
Among the Hydrangeas
by Anna Bain
Oil, 36×24

Best Floral "Joyful" by Elizabeth Robbins Oil, 20x24

Best Floral
by Elizabeth Robbins
Oil, 20×24

Best Landscape "Blue Mesa Range" by Jim Wodark Oil, 24x30

Best Landscape
Blue Mesa Range
by Jim Wodark
Oil, 24×30

Best Nocturne "Twilight Camp" by Brent Cotton Oil, 7x9

Best Nocturne
Twilight Camp
by Brent Cotton
Oil, 7×9

Best Outdoor Still Life "In the Potting Shed" by Ann Kraft Walker Oil, 18x24

Best Outdoor Still Life
In the Potting Shed
by Ann Kraft Walker
Oil, 18×24

Best Water "The Calming Force" by Linda Wilder Acrylic, 24 x 36

Best Water
The Calming Force
by Linda Wilder
Acrylic, 24 x 36