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Bob Malenfant

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2-Malenfant-JunJulJune/July 2015 Contest

Partner, Southwest Gallery — Dallas, TX

Bob Malenfant was born in Canada, but his family lived internationally throughout his childhood; he has lived in Switzerland, South Africa, Australia, and Paris. Bob attended high school at the American School in Paris and studied art history at the University of Michigan, where he received a Bachelor of Arts degree. After graduation, he began a yearlong internship with Christie’s in London and spent another year working at A&F Gordon. He and his wife, Lisa, came back to the States in 1984, and Bob started his career with Southwest Gallery in 1988. He became partner in 1995, just as the gallery was moving to its current location of Sigma Road in North Dallas. Bob also has a daughter, Michelle, who attends Greenhill and works with the gallery in her free time. Master teacher by both the University of the Arts in Philadelphia and American Artist magazine.