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Gary Haynes

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Owner, Haynes Galleries of Fine Art — Nashville, TN, and Thomaston, ME

Gary R. Haynes is the owner and curator of Haynes Galleries, a fine art gallery specializing in American and Contemporary Realism. After art school, Gary became a commercial artist and, later, an advertising art director in Tennessee. He was always involved with art, design, and selecting artists. As his career progressed, Gary became more involved in the business side of advertising and eventually put down his own brushes. During his 30 years in the advertising business, however, his love of fine art never diminished — it only grew. He began buying, selling, and collecting art by American Realists of the 19th and 20th centuries, including the work of the Wyeth family, which he had admired during his art school days. After selling his advertising business, Gary decided his love of the arts would be best satisfied by surrounding himself with the best art he could find, so he started Haynes Galleries. Unique in many ways, Haynes Galleries is the result of a passion for and commitment to the connoisseurship and appreciation of fine art. With two locations — a primary space in Nashville, Tennessee, and a seasonal gallery in Thomaston, Maine — Haynes Galleries focuses on works by some of the leading contemporary realists active today, including Stephen Bauman, Ellen Cooper, Stephen Scott Young, Candice Bohannon, Seth Haverkamp, Roger Dale Brown, and Zoey Frank in addition to the great Realist artists of the past like the Wyeth family, Sargent, Homer, Rockwell, and many more.