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How I got $5k for a painting

By February 25, 2022March 15th, 2024No Comments

Artist Steven Hill shares his PleinAir Salon Experience


Steven Hill has entered his artwork into the PleinAir Salon $33,000 Art Competition and has enjoyed multiple wins. Here’s a little more about Steven’s inspiring Salon story and some of his submissions to view along the way.

PleinAir Salon, Steven Hill, Sol Duc Morning, PleinAir Magazine

“Soap Shop at Island Thyme Farm”

“I put the certificates from my PleinAir Salon wins in strategic places in my gallery, alongside other works. When I won for a plein air piece, my wife [Judy] wanted it for her personal collection … I wanted to sell it at our annual artist’s studio tour event here in the San Juan Islands. I had it priced at $900 framed. 

“Judy held firm, so I said, ‘Why don’t we put a much higher price on that painting?’

She asked, ‘How much?’ 

I replied, ‘Five thousand dollars.’

She said, ‘Really? Oh, go for it!’

“… 20 minutes later, a visitor said, ‘I want that painting!’

PleinAir Salon, Steven Hill, Sol Duc Morning, PleinAir Magazine

“Sol Duc Morning”

“I pointed to the certificate hanging with the painting to be sure the collector saw it, creating an understanding of why the price was so much higher than my similar-sized works.

“That visitor has now become a collector who owns four of my other paintings as well. 

“At the PleinAir Convention & Expo (PACE), which was in San Diego, I attended Art Marketing Boot Camp with Eric Rhoads and Jay Abraham. 

“From the stage, Jay said that most artists undervalue and underprice their work and advised that we should have some of our artwork priced at five or 10 times the regular price for the same kind of work.

“This creates a dollar value that makes your other work look very affordable, and also a perception to everyone who sees it that you could likely sell at those higher prices.

“I take notes at the conventions and Art Marketing Boot Camps and put into practice what I think applies to my own marketing strategy. Living on a remote island has taught me to be extra diligent that way.

PleinAir Salon, Steven Hill, Kitties Valley, PleinAir Magazine drawing of farm valley

“Kittitas Valley”

“For me, including the certificate and pricing some pieces much higher was an eye-opener and has worked beautifully throughout the past four years. 

“In fact, in 2021, I sold over 60 originals out of my home gallery and, combined with my galleries on the mainland, had a record year!”

Life can change after winning in the PleinAir Salon Online Art Competition


A big thank you to Steven Hill for sharing his Salon experience!