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13th Annual PleinAir Salon Art Competition Monthly Awards

June 2023 Awards

By July 25, 2023March 19th, 2024No Comments

The awards for the June 2023 PleinAir Salon Art Competition were announced on July 31st. The selections were made by judge and award-winning artist, Peggy Immel. The overall and category winners will now be included in the judging for the 13th Annual PleinAir Salon Competition being awarded in May 2024.


Timothy Horn, French Curves
Oil, 36×48 in.

All three of the winning paintings possess a unique point of view. “French Curve” is a stunning example of a painting that tells, in the most compelling fashion, the story of someone admiring a classic car. I love the slight halation and subtle greys of the person’s shadow against the buttery yellow of the car’s fender. The luscious curves of the car’s chrome hubcaps and front bumper inspire the painting’s title and complete the story by reflecting a tiny image of the car’s admirer. It’s a great painting.


Barbara Coleman, From the Bridge
Oil, 12×16 in.

I love the elevated perspective of this painting. This aerial point of view allows us to see all the subtle colors reflected in the river from the turquoise sky to the cool blue shadows of the bridge in the foreground. The warm glow of the low sun on the autumn cottonwoods perfectly sets off the river’s color and completes a beautiful and masterful composition.


Kim Lordier, Kinda Like Diamonds in the Sky
Pastel, 20×24 in.

The lack of much sky in this painting is one of the things that sets it apart from a more traditional approach to landscape. We do see a tiny bit of sky just as the river turns out of the painting, but for the most part, the whole feeling is that of being deep in a sheltered forest in the winter. The warm blue iridescent flecks in the water and glowing sunspot are beautiful counter points to the cool blues and greens of the painting. All of it is supported by an excellent composition.


Each category award winner is now entered into the Annual Competition. Judges will review all the winners from the 13th Annual PleinAir Salon, and we will award over $22,000 at the Annual Competition held in May 2024.


The category honorable mention recipients are eligible to re-enter their paintings into future competitions.


Each month all the entries are reviewed and scored by a judge. The paintings with the highest scores become the Top 100 Finalists. (In the event of tied scores, there may be more than 100). The awards for the monthly competition are selected from this group of finalist.