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Kevin Macpherson

By July 1, 2023September 6th, 2023No Comments

September Competition

Kevin Macpherson is a master of the art of painting outdoors directly from nature, en plein air. He is intent as a painter is to capture the light that infuses every scene. Besides an accomplished painter, Kevin is a gifted writer and published author as well as a teacher, juror and guest lecturer. He is regarded as a master mentor, a reputation well earned by years of teaching international workshops and giving personal guidance to many aspiring artists. Kevin Macpherson is a Signature and Founding Member and served as the First President of the Plein Air Painters of America (PAPA), a California Art Club (CAC) Master Artist, an American Impressionist Society (AIS) Master Artist, an International Plein Air Painters (IPAP) Master Signature Artist and an Oil Painters of America (OPA) Master. He has authored four books, Reflections on a Pond, Fill Your Oil Paintings With Light and Color, Landscape Painting-Inside and Out and Conservations With Nature: Oil Painting in the Tradition of Plein Air. Kevin’s technique is demonstrated on videos and has been on nationwide American Public Television with a 13-part series, “Passport and Palette”, Following the Master Artists on an Artistic Expedition of the World. Kevin has started a nonprofit foundation for teaching art to underprivileged children called

Here’s what Kevin Macpherson had to say about judging the July competition…


Judging nearly 1000 paintings is not easy but fortunately I had over two weeks to go through all of these images. I always take my job as a judge seriously because no matter what level the artist is, they put their heart and soul into it. As an artist, with over 40 years of professional experience I know that I grow and evolve over time.

Sometimes during this evolution as an artist, we move forward, and sometimes we move to the side, and sometimes even backwards as we explore and experiment and strive to make a great work of art. A great painting goes beyond just great technical ability. I must feel that the intention of the artist, the choices the artist makes to direct the viewer through the painting, hold the viewer’s attention and let the viewer feel the emotion of the heart. The reason for doing the painting must come through.

I try to view each painting, objectively and subjectively. I think the craft is important but the message is also very important, painting with passion and purpose. Over the course of the two weeks that I daily viewed and reviewed all of the choices and tried to edit down the selection further and further to the award winners, there were certain paintings that stood out that I couldn’t get out of my mind. I’m an artist, but if I wasn’t an artist, I would be an art connoisseur. I have always collected art.  I have created a  wonderful collection of art of both living and deceased artists, so when it comes to judging a show I basically put my money where my mouth is and the award winners I would personally buy! They look very simple, but simple is not easy. Simplicity is something that all artists strive for most of their life. With these winners, the artist’s choices, color, harmony, and the strength of design set these paintings ahead of the pack. I wish they were hanging on my walls.

Thank you for having the confidence in allowing me to judge all these wonderful artists. Continue on the art journey and remember to enjoy each step. Share the beauty you see in the world with others. Open their eyes to see as an artist.


Kevin Macpherson