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The awards for the March 2024 PleinAir Salon Art Competition were announced on March 18th. The selections were made by our judge, Master Artist, T. Allen Lawson. The overall and category winners will now be included in the judging for the 13th Annual PleinAir Salon Competition being awarded in May 2024.


Ann Rudd, Untitled in Gray
Oil, 7×5 in.

“I awarded this small figurative painting First Place because of its emotional quality. I believe it was beautifully composed and wonderfully painted. It is well-drawn, yet leaves much to be interpreted. Of all the paintings in this competition, this piece really resonated with me.”


Jonathan Shirey, Desert Dainty
Watercolor, 24×18 in.

“One important difference, in my opinion, between an artist and a painter is that an artist will take a subject, often overlooked, and through their interpretation will present the subject matter in a new way. A painter tends to render things as they are, without a great deal of thought or overall organization.  This painting is well-composed and with its tight perspective, it forces the viewer to look at the cactus in a new way causing it to have a strong impact. That is why I awarded it Second Place.”


Deborah Chabrian, Sunset at Kuerners
Watercolor, 11×14 in.

“I awarded this watercolor the Third Place award for the command the artist has of their medium. It is solidly composed, and has an appealing sense of place.”


Each category award winner is now entered into the Annual Competition. Judges will review all the winners from the 13th Annual PleinAir Salon, and we will award over $22,000 at the Annual Competition held in May 2024.


The category honorable mention recipients are eligible to re-enter their paintings into future competitions.


Each month all the entries are reviewed and scored by a judge. The paintings with the highest scores become the Top 100 Finalists. (In the event of tied scores, there may be more than 100). The awards for the monthly competition are selected from this group of finalist.

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