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Skip Whitcomb, Artist

By November 1, 2023March 20th, 2024No Comments

November 2023

Mood and feeling are more important with Whitcomb than visual reference, though all of his landscapes he paints are compelling places,” says one museum curator.  “The detail of the physical world is subdued in response to the spiritual one.” Whitcomb says, “Once you internalize the language of painting you see the world differently. It never leaves you. The veil of rational order is lifted and what hangs in the air are sensations of painted possibilities. On good days, some would call it poetry.”

An accomplished outdoor painter, Whitcomb has received numerous awards for his landscape paintings in oil and pastel, his work resides in major public and private collections. He has had several one-man shows and participated in numerous gallery invitational and museum exhibitions throughout the country. Graduated Art Center College of Design.